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Today in Sextortion: Pop Tart Jessica Wolcott Is Scary

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Pepsi sextortionist Jessica Wolcott is apparently even more of a sociopath than anyone would have guessed, judging from an interview with her ex-husband Kyle Strait in Suburbarazzi.

According to Strait, Wolcott used eight different middle names—Michelle, Monica, Elizabeth, Dakota, Rameda, Rachel, and Tatiana (pat on the back for that Russian mail-order bride reference we made last week). Apparently she also has a whopper of an India name: Ewakailakaipu.
Most impressive of all: “She has upwards of 50 different aliases on the Internet. All of her names and backstories are different groups of friends,” Strait explained. “She’s a high-school dropout, but she’s scary intelligent. She somehow keeps all her stories in order. She’s had years to refine the act.

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