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Today In Sextortion: Pop Tart Jessica Wolcott's Husband Speaks Out

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The former husband* of Jessica Wolcott, the twenty-two year old who recently pleaded guilty to extorting $125,000 from a married Pepsi executive she met on Craigslist, has posted an anguish-filled comment over on the message boards for, a peer-to-peer lending site.

"I wish I would have caught this all sooner. This poor soul, myself, is the ex husband of Jess. Divorced earlier this year. I've always known of her ways b/c when I was stationed overseas, she took my paychecks by threatening to ruin my career in the military only for me to return and find that she had also racked up $15,000 in loans and my name was in collections 5 times for unpaid utilities I had no idea about. Was that a run-on? Anyways, I lost about $30,000 total while I was gone and now my credit is, well, it's bad and I'm still paying for the damage. I'm 25 and WAY behind where I should have been b/c of her. Nearly ruined my life. She needs a psychiatrist and I'm not even sure if that will work. Maybe she needs to be heavily sedated. She's obsessed with using people to become rich. She's never had a legitimate job. This is how she makes her living and I'm so sorry people on here fell for her false hardships and promising hopes. She creates stories according to what she thinks you'll receive as the most heartfelt, and then play on your empathy for her. It's really sick. She'll even turn on the emotions to show her fake convictions, She'll create evidence to back up her claims. She's a professional fake. It took me 1 and a half years to realize it and 4 years to shake her off finally.
"This is like a huge closure for me so it's good to see she finally spun so far out of control that other people got to see it. I'll nev

er get back what she took from me, but the media and you guys are making up for that."
It's more than a little amazing that so many people who have been, uhm, touched by Wolcott have taken to the internets over the past week to speak out. We're wondering how many days it will be before we hear from Jessica herself.
Oh, and if you haven't yet had enough of this story, Jessica's husband has also said he's going to be interviewed by Inside Edition tonight.

* Note: We haven't confirmed that this man is Jessica's ex-husband, and we've heard rumors that sometimes people pretend to be other people on the internets.

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