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Today in Sextortion: The Victim's Email

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Gary Wandschneider, the married Pepsi executive who went to the feds when a girl he met over Craigslist attempted to extort $125,000 from him, sent the email below to Pepsi employees, according to one of our commenters.

This is without a doubt the most difficult e-mail I've ever written in my 25 years at Pepsi. I learned a long time ago leadership is more than great strategies, financial re-engineering, innovative processes, or new technology. It's really about the personal connections one makes during a career. By any measure, I've been blessed over the past 25 years with a supportive family and company. Although the "movie" of my career is currently focused on one event, an event I deeply regret, and one that has caused great personal grief to my wife and children. It was a mistake that I made at a low point in my life.

[The rest of the email after the jump.]

My Dad once told me "when things are good you will have many friends, but when times get tough your real friends will shine like the morning sun". I never thought much about that comment from my Dad until now. It would have been easy for many of you to simply view me as the latest news reel, but you didn't. You will never know how important your voice mails and e-mails of support have been to me and more importantly my children.
You'll never know how much I cherish the memories of the past 25 years, your accomplishments, being part of your team, but most importantly your friendship. I never took any of it for granted.
Always remember, each of you are truly blessed. You are without question the best operating team in the industry. You work for a great company with terrific brands, great products and great people. I believe your best days lie ahead.
I am grateful to have been part of the team for the past 25 years. If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for your support.