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Why You Probably Aren’t Getting Laid Tonight

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An old friend of ours used to say you had to choose in life between sex, money and drugs. Drugs ruin your sex and work life, sex or (to be gentler) love interferes with the pursuit of money, and, as a recent study in the Harvard Business Review purports to show, the pursuit of money interferes with your sex life. Pay attenition: we picked this Harvard Business Review study up from the Harvard Crimson. If it’s got Harvard stamped on it twice, it’s got to be right.
Here’s the bad news:

The study, published in the magazine’s December issue, polled high-earning professionals with “extreme” jobs to examine how their work affected their private lives. The results showed that roughly half of those polled felt that their work interferes with a satisfying sex life, and 46 percent said their job negatively impacted their spousal relationships.
An “extreme job,” by definition, involved working at least 60 hours per week. “Extreme” workers also tended to follow unusual and unpredictable schedules, travel frequently, and hold responsibility for profit and loss.

(Thanks to Eddy Elfenbein for the tip.)
‘Extreme Jobs’ Threaten Sex Lives [Harvard Crimson]