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Women on Wall Street: It Still Kind Of Sucks

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We were looking forward to reading Selling Women Short Gender and Money on Wall Street, the new book by Louise Marie Roth about why women continue to underperform men on Wall Street. A good book on Wall Street sexism should have enough outlandish stories--women eating pickles soaked in moisturizer on the trading floor--to get you through any dinner party. These are great because you can tell a funny story while deploring the underlying facts. For once, you get to be liberal and funny at the same time.
Unfortunately, it seems that Roth's book is boring, full of numbers and explanations but without the raunch.

The book started as Roth’s dissertation and at times gets bogged down in the background that she must have felt was necessary for academic readers. It is excessive to spend 13 pages explaining what bankers, traders and analysts do. Her sample size is also small and a few tales of wild Wall Street excess would have leavened the book’s earnest tone. But overall, Selling Women Short is a thoughtful examination of how ostensibly merit-based systems can result in unequal outcomes.

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