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Yet Another Bonus Binge Spending Story

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Despite ourselves, we still can't get enough of these bonus binge stories of spending excess.
Here's the latest from Bloomberg:

One New York wife is getting a $50,000-plus diamond ring thanks to hubby's Wall Street bonus. An executive is giving $1 million in private jet time, or 150 hours, so his family won't have to fly commercial. And plenty of $7,000 mink coats and $20,000 necklaces are being boxed up, too.
"I haven't seen such excess displays of wealth and extravagance during the holidays since the 1980s,'' said Samantha von Sperling, a New York-based image consultant and personal shopper. "This is the most prosperous, most lavish, most extravagant season I've ever seen.''

Please keep in mind that some of this is the old retailers trick of talking up a big shopping season and hoping it comes true. That's why so many of the items are gifts, to create the impression of a peer group that your spouse/lover/offspring (or all three) can compare you against and find your gifts lacking.
Minks, Private-Jet Time Get Gift-Wrapped as New Yorkers Splurge [Bloomberg]