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A Blind Item We Actually Want To Know the Answer To

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When we told you earlier this morning that today’s theme was Ride the Smut Train With Us While You Can Still Get A Seat, we weren’t kidding. But that’s because 1. The WSJ said it was okay and 2. We thought there’d be a lot more trash to dirty our hands with; turns out, today, not so much. The following basically warrants half a siren or a third of a siren, but, unfortunately, Drudge has yet to come up with a graphic for us to represent the less-than-juicy nature of this item. Nonetheless, it piqued our interest, if only because from it, we can draw a tangential relationship to Senator Schumes, whom we adore.*

Which new Spitzer appointee is going to find threesomes a lot harder to come by in Albany than he did in Manhattan?

Don’t Shoot the Messenger [New York Daily News]
*Concerned about our obvious affinity for men on the Hill (Schumer, Corzine, Biden, Feingold, etc)? Our therapist says it has to do with not being hugged enough by members of Congress during childhood. You have your thing, we have ours.