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A Made-For-TV Movie Is Also Rumored To Be In The Works

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Don't have any plans on January 24? Might we suggest something? Great, thanks. Frank Quattrone, yes, that Frank Quattrone, of moustachioed fame, will be orating at the Western Association of Venture Capitalists' luncheon, the first in a series of "distinguished speakers." This is not something you want to miss and there appears to be no drink minimum, so you really have no excuse. On a related note, Jeff Skilling is in contract for a series of classes at the Learning Annex, slated for 2031.


Madoff Aides Ask For Conviction To Be Overturned Because Prosecutor Made A Movie Reference

Among other things, but really, it's The Godfather reference that sticks in their craw.

Ken Lewis Is A Movie Producer Now*

If it feels like it's been forever since we've heard from Ken Lewis it's because it has. Following his retirement in 2009, the former Bank of America CEO went underground to do some soul-searching. To figure out what made Kenneth D. Lewis tick. Did he want to want to be a CEO of another company? Did he want to get involved in another industry entirely? Did he want to grow a beard again? Did he want to be a shepherd? These are the questions that needed answers and today, finally, we've got some. No word on the beard but it appears that for now, Lewis is staying away from Wall Street and pursuing another passion: the movie business.