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Amaranth As Myth and Shorthand

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We've talked before about the role of myth in business news and history. Every so often a company, individual or event will come to stand for something, and often what it comes to stand for is quite distant from the reality. The map is not the territory, as they say. And the myth is not the thing. Which isn't to say that maps and myths aren't helpful. Just that we should keep the distance between them and the actual territory in mind.
Increasingly, Amaranth has come to stand for something. It's becoming the mythological beast of hedge funds. This probably doesn't make Amaranth founder Nick Maounis very happy, and probably won't help him raise any money for the new hedge fund he is rumored to be contemplating. But the video above does a good job of showing how, in front of the right audience, a speaker can simply use Amaranth as a shorthand for overconfident, speculative-predictive investing and the audience will know exactly what he's talking about.
There's also a nice tidbit about Boone Pickens take on Brian Hunter, which is really what got our attention.
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