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And Yet Still The Dream of Hedge Fund Dollars For Hollywood Won't Die

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Despite fears that the meltdown of Benjamin Waisbren's operation might be a watershed moment for the end of the hedge fund dreams of Hollywood, the dream apparently lives on. Like some effin horror movie villian who gets killed at the end of each film but always returns for the sequel. Can someone please name the next one of these funds "Jason VoorheesCapital LP?"

An established Hollywood producer and technology entrepreneur has decided to launch a film hedge fund. Mark DiSalle is launching Colosseum Pictures L.P next month. The fund is organized to invest in full-length motion pictures and take advantage of DiSalle’s successful entertainment and business experience. Some of DiSalle’s past successes include legendary film cult hits like "Bloodsport," "Kickboxer," and the "Perfect Weapon,” as well as founding the software security company BioPassword.
Colosseum Pictures L.P.’s primary objective is to finance the creation of successful full-length films while retaining ownership of all of the motion pictures’ rights in order to maximize the long and short term revenues of these films. The philosophy of the fund is to make independent low–risk, high-profit movies with terms that favor the investors. DiSalle tells us “With the new tech wave of digital download and the rapid increase in film revenues, there has never existed a more opportunistic time to create content. Additionally, low budget concept movies will achieve the highest return on investment.”

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