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Now that the weekend is (almost) here, you can retire to your apartment and play World of Warcraft (WoW) for 60 straight hours – we won’t tell. The MMORPG released its WoW “Burning Crusade” expansion pack this week (and no, unfortunately the Burning Crusade was not for many of WoW’s players to go out and get laid), causing a frenzy as players rushed to get their hands on a variety of limited edition release packs at special “release parties” (damn, I haven’t been invited to a “release party” since the Last Chance Dance senior year of college).
The expansion pack raises the current WoW level cap to 70 and creates a few new character races and instances. Now that you can reach level 70, you can finally solo Onyxia, daughter of Neltharion the Earthwarder (also known as Deathwing the Destroyer) and sister of Nefarian in Dustwallow Marsh as a Paladin (I got that from Wikipedia, I swear). Whoever says paladins can’t tank is a n00b! Or you could go outside.
WoW is released by Blizzard Entertainment, a subsidiary of Vivendi Games under the Vivendi corporate umbrella. WoW has been a huge revenue generator for Vivendi, with over 8 million players worldwide shelling out $20 bucks a month to play. Vivendi’s stock price is up over 7% so far YTD and is trading at 99% of its 52-wk high.
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