Because...umm...it will be too cold to go outside anyway


Now that the weekend is (almost) here, you can retire to your apartment and play World of Warcraft (WoW) for 60 straight hours – we won’t tell. The MMORPG released its WoW “Burning Crusade” expansion pack this week (and no, unfortunately the Burning Crusade was not for many of WoW’s players to go out and get laid), causing a frenzy as players rushed to get their hands on a variety of limited edition release packs at special “release parties” (damn, I haven’t been invited to a “release party” since the Last Chance Dance senior year of college).
The expansion pack raises the current WoW level cap to 70 and creates a few new character races and instances. Now that you can reach level 70, you can finally solo Onyxia, daughter of Neltharion the Earthwarder (also known as Deathwing the Destroyer) and sister of Nefarian in Dustwallow Marsh as a Paladin (I got that from Wikipedia, I swear). Whoever says paladins can’t tank is a n00b! Or you could go outside.
WoW is released by Blizzard Entertainment, a subsidiary of Vivendi Games under the Vivendi corporate umbrella. WoW has been a huge revenue generator for Vivendi, with over 8 million players worldwide shelling out $20 bucks a month to play. Vivendi’s stock price is up over 7% so far YTD and is trading at 99% of its 52-wk high.
Top Online Game Gets an Overhaul – [WSJ]



Travis Kalanick Is No Longer The CEO Of Uber Because He Owed Way Too Many People Too Much Money

You heard it here first: Travis' replacement should come from Wall Street, not Sand Hill Road.

Art World's Reactions To Steve Cohen Woes Range From "I'm going to begging for change outside the Staples Center" To "NBD"

Time was, Steve Cohen told the Feds where they could go. No matter how much heat they put on him, the Big Guy would not burn. If they wanted to relentlessly circle him in an attempt to find evidence of insider trading, that was fine by Steve. But he wasn't going to act like he gave a rat's ass and he certainly wasn't going to wilt under the scrutiny or draw the blinds at Casa Cohen and curl up in a ball to cry. This time two years ago, despite SAC receiving a subpoena from the government, the FBI raiding the firms of several former SAC employees, and an analyst being asked to wear a wire while chatting him up, Cohen not only hopped on a private plane to attend Art Basel, but he did so with a smile on his face. ("Cohen," the Journal reported, was in "jovial spirits and eager to chat about his fresh art acquisitions," which included a "large-scale map of the world made from tin cans" that he bought in the first five minutes of the fair opening.)  And while one could argue that the heat on Steve has been cranked up quite a bit more since then, we assumed he was dealing with it in typical Steve fashion, and would make it to Miami like always. So it was particularly troubling to hear this: