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Best moves you can make in 2007 and in life

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The helpful *new* daily site Yahoo! Personal Finance has users getting all sorts of interactive up in its grill. Now heightening its interactivity to almost Tron-like levels, silly people represented by cartoonish avatars get to vote on the “best financial move you can make in 2007.” After the vote, the matter will be decided. Thank you Yahoo!. The possible answers, according to Yahoo! are:
Buy a home
Buy a car
Pay off all my debt
Aggressively boost my retirement savings
Get a better paying job
Yahoo! is clearly pigeon-holing its users with these 5 rather limited options. In response, here is my extremely constructive, non-slow news day addendum to Yahoo!’s survey.
Better financial moves you can make in 2007:
Buy Illinois Ave
Timidly shrink my retirement savings
Buy a (golden rocket) car
Pay off all the people hired to strong arm the people to whom I owe debt
Move savings from jar on window sill to under mattress
Divorce natural gas trading spouse
Quit my job to become a blogger (as the Huffington Post inaccurately claims)
Yahoo’s Daily Condescension