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Beware of Falling Prices, IQs

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Wal-Mart is responsible for a handful of the dumbest 101 corporate acts in America this year, according to CNNMoney's annual list. A summary of Wal-Mart’s greatest hits this year:
1.The “Candidate Wal-Mart” ad campaign, contradicting the store’s 1st quarterly profit drop in ten years and a relatively weak 2006 holiday season.
2.Hiring former U.N. ambassador and civil rights leader Andrew Young to head its “Working Families for Wal-Mart” drive. Young quickly used this as a soapbox for bemoaning the shifty practices of Jewish, Korean and Arab small business owners, which were threatening Wal-Mart in various unforeseen and often naturally musky ways.
3.Former Wal-Mart vice chairman and head coach of the New York Giants, Tom Coughlin using fraudulent expense invoices to skim off a half million dollars to crush unions into the topsoil and retain Tiki Barber.
4.The Wal-Mart Across America Blog, which chronicled the completely “random” adventures of Jim and Laura as they drove around in an RV only to meet an unexpectedly large number of people who had been touched in a very special place by Wal-Mart. To the surprise of everyone with a severed corpus callosum the story of how a Wal-Mart apron doused in Sam Walton’s sweat cured JoBob of his Feline AIDS and the story of how Latisha’s second job to sustain a living wage prevented her from being home while her house was burgled turned out to be a sham. Wal-Mart paid for the whole thing, and Jim and Laura were salaried transients. The blog is no longer active, and set to re-launch as this week.
5.Introducing a line of Human Coffee Tables™ in the Jiangsu province of China. Always looking for the most cost-effective materials, human provided a far lower cost/unit than plastic or titanium, but a far greater maintenance fee, to the chagrin of Chinese consumers. Wal-Mart is still working on salvaging its reputation after the messy recall.
6.Firing senior VP Julie Roehm for eating dinner at a hip Manhattan restaurant (i.e. – The Shake Shack) on a courting ad agency’s dime. The ad agency was asked back to Roehm’s place but only got to second base because it couldn’t find any birth control at Wal-Mart.
7.Making DVD recommendations on the Wal-Mart website that included a link connecting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Planet of the Apes to a Martin Luther King biopic and Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson (this is not a joke). The link from Sam Walton’s Biography to Mein Kampf was nowhere to be found.
Wal-Mart’s PR Bloopers – [CNNMoney]


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