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Building a Mystery (or Puzzle)

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Ex-Cendant Chairman Walter Forbes gets to spend a decade and change in a Howard Johnson prison for leading the largest accounting fraud of the 90s. Popular contemporary writers are racing to frame the Forbes sentencing in a Manichean paradigm that can be cleverly illustrated with parallels to various Allied conflicts…before Malcolm Gladwell comes out with his next article. Some of the current frontrunners:
Conundrum vs. Quagmire
Bush League vs. Poppycock
Puzzle vs. Really Hard Puzzle
“Oops!” vs. Largest Accounting Fraud of the 1990s
Boner vs. Stiffy
Nuh-uh vs. No You Didn’t
Red vs. Crimson
Sexual Orientation of Anderson Cooper vs. Mystery
Ali vs. Foreman
White Collar Crime vs. White Collar (on a blue shirt) Crime
Tweezing vs. Shaving
Ex-Cendant Chairman Forbes Sentenced to 12 Years, 7 Months [WSJ]