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Carl Icahn: Worried About Dollar, Taking Baby Steps Toward Civility With Dick Parsons

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Carl Icahn, best known for waging a near-lethal war against the wastefulness of jet-ownership, cautions that a decline in the dollar will cause serious problems for U.S. stocks, going so far as to comment that a slide would “really blow up” the market’s four-year rally. The “activist investor” said in an interview yesterday that “a lot of these earnings are because these companies are able to buy a lot of goods abroad,” which is why a fall in the dollar would be less than desirable, Bloomberg reports. Icahn also commented that Federated Department Stores Inc. would be the target of a possible leveraged buyout. Of additional note is that Icahn complimented Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons on his work, stating “I’m happy with it.” Not exactly exuberance, but considering Icahn’s previous accolades for Parsons (and CEOs in general), including but not limited to RP being a “moron,” we’d say it’s a step in the right direction. Expect flowers and candy, early next week.
Icahn Warns U.S. Stock Gains Are Vulnerable to Slide in Dollar [Bloomberg]