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Colts, Bears and Prostates

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Now that Americans have demonstrated an ability not to giggle uncontrollably during ads discussing 4 hour long erections and have finally forged the conceptual bridge between genital herpes and extreme kayaking, prostate drug Flomax is entering the fray with a spot during Super Bowl XLI. WPP Group’s Grey produced the spot, which features a bunch of dudes in spandex (bicycle racers) talking about “guys having more fun and spending less time in the men’s room.” The ad is going to air in the 4th quarter of the game, when most people with prostate problems are trying to pass any liquid waste that can be extracted from pizza, nachos, cheese-dip and beer. If the game goes into overtime, Flomax has another ad set to launch featuring Peyton Manning's prostate. Super Bowl ads cost $2.6mm for 30 seconds this year, and the program is expected to air in approximately 90 million households.
There may be some collusion among the big drug manufacturers, according to an old Cialis press release about the drug’s Super Bowl advertisements:

Cialis is not for everyone. If you take nitrates, often used for chest
pain (also known as angina), or alpha-blockers (other than Flomax(2) 0.4 mg
once daily), prescribed for prostate problems or high blood pressure, do not
take Cialis

Clearly the Flomax people have clamped down on Eli Lilly like an enlarged prostate. Why else would the makers of Cialis mention only Flomax as an OK thing to chomp on after securing a means to a rock hard love scepter? The press release could have said, “other than Flomax or Hormel Brand Cured Ham (also high in nitrates). When you want to pork, or just pork in general, there’s nothing better than Cialis and delicious Hormel Ham.”
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