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Contextual Advertising: FT Gives The Definitive Word On Bartiromo And Thomson

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A lot of people have been saying a lot of stuff today about the whole Maria B./Todd T. situation. At Blogging Stocks, Jonathan Berr has called for Bartiromo’s head. At MarketWatch, Jon Friedman has his panties in a bunch over the fact that CNBC hasn’t been covering the story itself. Over at, the G-man wants to know what everyone’s getting so upset about; he thinks the real problem is that the media’s too into this whole story (Gar: do you honestly think people are capable of resisting anything involving fish tanks and wood-burning fireplaces?). DealBook weighs in with this tidbit of rocket science: “Some of the interest may be due to the beauteous figure that Ms. Bartiromo, dubbed the “Money Honey” when she became the first TV reporter allowed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, cuts." And the WSJ offers pretty much a remix of its story from Tuesday, this time adding one of their trademark police sketches of MB, and somehow failing to give the $Honey the justice she deserves, artistically speaking. We’d been standing at the proverbial drawing board all morning trying to find our original take on the story (who cares if she’s a media-whore; what we want to know is, is she a whore-whore was deemed "too catty"), when we stumbled upon the Financial Times’ comment on the brouhaha of the week. Consider it all that needs to be said.