Davos Roundup: Was It Because He’s Jewish?


It’d been a while since we’d heard from our crackpot team of Davos reconnaissance artists (otherwise known as legitimate reporters) so we took it upon ourselves to check in with the group. Here’s what’s shakin’ in Switzerland, thus far:
+ China is working overtime to try and make some friends. But now that it's telling the globe, and we quote, "We want to make friends with all countries. It's never too late to be our friends," is it coming off as a little too desperate? Perhaps China should start embracing our favorite platitude, and sure fire way to get into someone's pants make nice with the rest of the world: treat them like dirt and they'll stick to you like glue. [Forbes]
+Wall Street executives feel good about their risk-management practices; the Beard of Reasoning, does not. [Bloomberg]
+ KarstadtQuelle’s Thomas Middelhoff’s sperm has put in a lot of overtime to save Western Europe—what are you doing to help? [DealBook]
+ The roasted chicken served at the "Terrorism Lunch" was loaded with sesame seeds. [IHT]
+Climate change: thanks to the efforts of Larry David’s wife, mostly everyone (except for Bushie and co.) is up for stopping it. But no one wants to foot the bill. [CNN Money]
+ European Internal Market Commissioner Charles McCreevy defends the “constitutional right” to lose your own money. [WSJ]
+For someone who purportedly supports Germany, Claudia Schiffer is a less than “hands on” spokeswoman. Angelina definitely would’ve put out. [DealBook]


SI Swimsuit Model Doesn't Have To Worry About Things Getting Weird With CNBC Reporter Because He's Known Her Since She Was 17

Something you may have picked up on when watching CNBC interviews is that if an anchor or a reporter has fond feelings for their interviewee, they often find it difficult to suppress. Joe Kernen, for example, more or less fellated David Tepper when the hedge fund manager appeared on Squawk Box a while back, telling Tepper his "entire body had chills" at the thought of having him on set (Bill Murray received the same treatment last Friday). To that end, perhaps you saw Darren Rovell's interview with Kate Upton?