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DealBreaker Comments of The Week

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Though we admit this to few and far between, if you must know, you’re reading a blog written by extremely self-absorbed, narcissistic people. We write the site so that we can then go back and read what we have to say, as opposed to having to read other people’s stuff. But recent personal events have caused us to turn over a new leaf, or, you know, at least half-heartedly try. So we’re starting a new feature wherein we turn the site over to you. Each Friday, we’ll be presenting you with a rundown of the best things you’ve had to say this week, meaning your best comments, as determined by us (we said half-heartedly). They’ll be broken down into four categories: Useful, entertaining, usefultaining and BS. Let’s begin.
RE: Planespotting: Handicapable
Paul: he's lying--someone who's really injured knows that jameson's is better with morphine (and vice versa)
RE: Opening Bell: 1.16.07
Lee D: Hedge fund registration here is a pretty big non-event, since securities enforcement is really, really slack in the Great White North. The only people who ever get taken down are Financial Planners *cough* who commit outright theft. It takes a lot of plain old fraud to get the Provincial Authorities to sit up and take notice.
Al Rosen's columns are nice and vitriolic about the state of enforcement here:
RE: Extorted Exec Mystery Solved!
offfm: anonymous of 1/18...great blog! you got it all correct...I agree with you that Brooke, daughter of Barbie and step dad, Tracy, wrote with integrity and respect and Nikki, daughter of Dana/Zana & Gary is disrespectful and potty-mouth...check out the comment of 12/18 probably from Dana/Zana calling Barbie a slut, when she is sleeping around with a married doctor and Gary is picking up young girls as old as his daughters..who's a slut?? look in the mirror... the only person who would call Barbie a slut would be Dana/Zana..
RE: Shorter DealBreaker
Don’t Mess With John Carney: Carney, I'm going to hunt down the guy (or gal) who did this to you and teach him (or her) a lesson he'll (or she'll) never forget:
RE: By Request: The Legendary Farewell Letter
Anonymous: Bess, if Elizabeth keeps posting gems like this, I might develop a massive crush on her and let her supplant you in my heart.