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Do not be alarmed, the Babel burst is coming

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The Nikkei Index closed 0.04% lower, as many of the largest Asian markets finished flat to slightly lower. Despite profit taking in auto and financial, going long in Asia and especially Japan appears to be a good bet with the success of Babel last night at the Golden Globes. Babel won the Golden Globe for top drama, which 70% of the time, works every time, in terms of translating into a win for the Best Picture Academy Award, at least in the last 10 years. Now that American investors are about to be flooded with widescreen, letterbox, dolphin-friendly unedited director’s cut versions of the film, more and more people will be left with the completely realistic impression that Japan is rife with deaf, slightly mute schoolgirls willing to show their naughty bits to just about any comer.
American markets are expected to remain unaffected by the Babel burst, with increased optimism that Angelina Jolie will dump Brad Pitt countered by the fact that many investors do not possess the looks of Brad Pitt, the bat-guano insanity of Billy Bob, or the face-dwelling insects (or marketable back story?) of many hapless Namibian orphans.
Did anyone like Babel? That movie was a pair of slightly larger eyes and a large tentacle from being a very different sort of film. It also performed the rare feat of making Crash’s plot look relatively organic and uncontrived.