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Eliot Spitzer: Unable to Resist the Charms of Two of Temple Beth Shalom’s Hottest Members?

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Erstwhile securities regulation defender Eliot Spitzer has drastically changed his tune concerning the Street since yesterday’s Apocalypse-Five-Years-From-Now report, issued by Senator Schumer and Mayor Bloomberg. The study found that Wall Street stands to lose up to 60,000 jobs in the next five years unless “cumbersome” government regulations are discarded and replaced by “looser European-style ones,” cautioning that New York could lose up to $25 billion in cash currently generated by Wall Street “unless their blueprint for revising securities regulations is heeded.” Seemingly something that Spitzer would be ardently against, the newly-elected governor jumped ship yesterday afternoon and offered, "We must take these recommendations seriously so as to support an economic climate ripe for financial services,” pledging to stand by the Schumster and Bloomberg in their quest to save Wall Street’s “dominance in the world financial scene.” Pretty sure he’s still intent on “seeing that twerp Grasso fry,” however.