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Fosters now Australian for…wine?

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If you noticed anyone last week not complaining about the cold, it was probably someone who was frequenting the Australian Wine Festival New York, part of Australia Week 2007. Australia is currently the 6th largest wine producer in the world, and exports over half a billion liters annually. At its current growth, the Australian wine industry expects to produce 10% of the world’s wine in 10 years. Moving away from its once typical “extremely fruity,” “high-alcohol” wines, Australian wine exporters are staying competitive by concentrating on middle tier, affordable wine selections, even shirking conventions like corked bottles for screw-on caps. One expert contends that the explosive growth of wine consumption and export in Australia is cutting into beer consumption, which may explain why the Australians have slipped in the world rugby rankings the last couple of years, with a relatively unmotivated squad not looking forward to wine and cheese post-game drink ups.
Australia Pumps Up, Seeking 10 Percent of World Wine Market – [Bloomberg]


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