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Gold Digging Easier Across the Pond

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All the unusually fit birds in the UK are circling banker blokes like vultures, waiting to pick away at London’s record $17.4bn bonus pool. Recent bonuses, as well as a string of favorable favourable UK divorce settlements and non-binding pre-nuptial agreements makes this an opportune time to bag (and then un-bag) a British banker. A recent case even takes the traditional ‘half of what you earned when we were together’ divorce claim and stretches it to include a claim on future earnings of ex-spouses, including those hefty year-end bonuses. This phenomenon has significantly boosted the attractiveness of people with shiny metallic shirts and ill-fitting trousers bopping around the mega-clubs of Leicester Square, which is basically the Murray Hill of England (with a little bit of the worst of the Meat Packing district thrown in), making the Chunnel the new PATH train and Calais the new Hoboken. Expect Jessica Wolcott to Heathrow in today's Planespotting.
Britain's Angry Wives Target Bonuses in Divorce Cases – [Bloomberg]