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Goldman To Occupy Haunted Amaranth Space?

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Despite being built over what must be some sort of ancient Indian burial ground, Lloyd Blankfein and friends are hedging their bets that things will go more smoothly for them than Nick Maounis and co., as they consider leasing up to 200,000 square feet of office space left vacant by Amaranth, in Greenwich, Connecticut. While perhaps it would be more fitting for, say, J.P. Morgan to inhabit the space, any deal at all would be a boon to the Greenwich market, especially to the now-idle cabbies. In addition to the Amaranth meltdown, the Connecticut town has seen an additional 100,000 square feet of office space open up, with the departure of Royal Bank of Scotland, UST Inc. and Unilever A.G. Obviously, should Goldman actually set up shop up north, we'd be obligated to take another look-see. (Though perhaps in a town car as opposed to the Metro North. This is Goldman Sachs we're talking about, people).
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