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Hedge Funds Versus Art: The Cost Steve Wynn’s Elbow

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Bloomberg’s reporting today that Steve Wynn is suing Lloyds of London for $54 million, the amount of the claim he submitted after he stuck his elbow through a Picasso that SAC Capital founder Stevie Cohen had agreed to buy for $139 million.
We don’t know. We like to think that if we put our elbow through a Picasso we’d do a lot more than wreck 1/3 of the thing. What kind of girly elbows does Wynn have, anyway?
But nonetheless we’re making a note to ourselves that if we ever find ourselves as guests at Stevie Cohen’s place, we’re keeping our gestures tight to the body and not pointing at anything at all.
Wynn Sues Lloyd's After Claiming $54 Million for Picasso Tear [Bloomberg]