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Henry Kravis, Lloyd Blankfein Top Giuliani Campaign Hit List

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As a relatively unknown federal prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani made himself a public figure with the prosecutions of several Wall Street financiers in the eighties, including Marc Rich, Pincus Green, Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. He pioneered the use of anti-organized crime statutes, such as RICO, to go after Wall Streeters. But that hasn’t stopped him from winning friends in the finance industry. Aides formulating his presidential campaign—as detailed in a batch of documents obtained by the Daily News—hope to raise millions from prominent names in the financial world, including KKR’s Henry Kravis and Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Bankfein.

In a memo that appears in the dossier, Giuliani aides Dickerson and Roy Bailey urge him to court financier Henry Kravis particularly avidly.
"You need him to be a Wall Street industry leader," the memo says.
McCain announced Kravis' support last month.
The plan also anticipates his recruiting top GOP fund-raiser Cathy Blaney in New York on a retainer of $260,000 and her Florida counterpart, Ann Herberger, at $216,000. But between the plan's preparation in the fall and today, Blaney became the chief fund-raiser for the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, while Herberger reportedly has signed on to the presidential campaign of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
Other business leaders targeted by Giuliani remain publicly uncommitted: Paramount CEO Brad Grey, Giuliani's talent agent after 9/11, is envisioned as leading a "celebrities" fund-raising arm; former Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton would raise money from professional athletes. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, PepsiCo chief Dawn Hudson and Goldman Sachs president Lloyd Blankfein are also listed as "industry leaders."
The documents depict hedge fund tycoon Paul Singer, a close Giuliani ally, playing a central role in his fund-raising operation.
The dossier doesn't make clear whether the people named have committed privately to Giuliani or even been approached to support him.

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