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$Honey To Follow in Charlie “?Master” Rose’s Footsteps?

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Maria Bartiromo—Todd Thomson’s jet setting gal-pal—is in talks with CNBC about having her own branded TV show in the vein of Charlie Rose and Bill Moyers, the Post reports today. She’s also had her nickname—‘Money Honey’—trademarked for “stuffed animals, motion picture films, coin-counting machines, coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, interactive games, beer glasses, headbands and more,” which we can only assume is code for thongs and airline peanuts. Though sources caution that the moniker may have nothing to do with the show, the suggestion that it might, in conjunction with the ‘$Honey’ teddy bears you’ll soon be able to buy, has been enough to get several people quite riled up, including talent agent Michael Glantz (whose claim to fame is that he manages Wolf Blitzer which, if you think about it, is pretty awesome). “If she’s going to be out there hawking T-shirts and other things bearing this name, that is new…for somebody in a news environment,” Glantz told the Post [Ed.: what are your thoughts on the Jim Cramer bobble head doll?] “In the sports arena it’s different. People can exploit their own personality," Glantz added. "But how's she ever going to cover anything to do with marketing, assuming she's doing the same thing?" Naturally, we don’t have an answer. But we do have a question—how great would it be to see MB sign off every night by pushing her product du jour (The $Honey eau de toilette, The $Honey pregnancy test, The $Honey set of steak knives) and nailing that evening’s guest? Pretty, pretty, pretty great.