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How Much For That Senator In the Window?

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In addition to the relative poverty of journalists, we’ve long been obsessed with the cheapness of politics. Everyone rants about there being too much money in politics but we’re always surprised by how little there is. Take incoming Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd. Since 1989 Dodd has personally taken about $2.18 million in campaign donations from the investment industry, according to this item in DealBook. For the point of emphasis, the most powerful Democrat on the banking committee has been collecting less than $150 grand a year from the industry.
And yet the media and political watchdog groups are still concerned that this might create the appearance that Dodd is owned by the banks. We’re not saying this impossible. Just embarrassing. We knew that many of our politicians were whores. We just don't like to be reminded that they sell their stuff so cheaply.

For Dodd, Wall Street Looms Large
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