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Info Arb's Keys To Success

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The Information Arbitrage blog has put up the latest installment of its "Wall Street Series." This one is aimed at providing ten keys to success on Wall Street. It actually provides 11, which is in itself a sort of meta-key--show your bosses more than they expect, give your clients more than they were promised--brining the number up to twelve.
Here's number 6:

Think of Wall Street in the same light as those old recruiting ads: The Army: It's Not Just a Job - It's an Adventure. A successful career on Wall Street is an adventure, and it is one about which you need to take control. But how? Won't I just be a cog in the big machine, gradually ascending the ladder and making progressively bigger paychecks? Well, it doesn't really work that way. If you want to do BIG things, you've got to have vision, and you've got to communicate that vision to the right people in the right way. And you can't be afraid to do it. Basically, you need to bring the skills of entrepreneurship to Wall Street. Senior Management of Wall Street firms love to have people generate ideas that they can back and that will make them money. Design a new and lucrative product addressing an important client base. Create a new trading algorithm. Develop a plan for cracking a new market. Incubate a team that leverages existing strengths to better serve a deep-pocketed client set. This makes Senior Management's job so much easier. My advice to you: be one of those people who goes for it. Be an entrepreneur on Wall Street. It is the path to gathering great riches and doing great things.

The Wall Street Series Part III: Ten of the Keys to Success on Wall Street [Information Arbitrage]