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Jim Rogers Wants You Naked

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Of course you already know that Jim Rogers has strong opinions favoring commodities and China. But you might not know he also thinks you should be doing it today. This afternoon. Like, he wants you to leave work now and get it on. And not just in some sort of safe-sex, prophylactic way. He wants you putting some babies up in there.

His three-year-old daughter, about whom he is touchingly goo-ey, is already a fluent Mandarin speaker. He appointed a Chinese nanny under strict instructions to speak only her native language in the nursery.
Having joined the club so late in life, the 64-year-old Mr. Rogers is an enthusiastic advocate of parenthood.
"If you haven't got your own children, take the rest of the day off and go get started," he advised delegates to the conference at which we met.

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