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Judd Bagley: All Class

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Everybody knows that among the great online finance news brouhahas, Patrick Byrne’s (and henchman Judd Bagley’s) with Gary Weiss ranks very close to the top, if not at the actual top (though it’s doubtful they’re in the #1 slot—it’s pretty tough to beat Warren Buffett and John Carney at a game they practically invented. As well as Mohammad Yunus and John Carney. And Patti-cakes Dunn and John Carney. And—you know what? This is one of those best-left-un-traveled roads). But bless their young hearts for trying. In fact, just today, Weiss writes: stalker-in-residence Judd Bagley and his out-of-control boss Patrick Byrne [have] dug themselves deeper into the cyberstalking scandal that they have created for themselves and their shareholders.
[Over the weekend,] Bagley boasted about spying on Internet critics…and Byrne yanked closely the umbilical chord that binds him with Bagley's stalking-and-lying site, Here Bagley pretty much confesses to have sent a spyware-infected private message to Internet sleuth "ScipioAfricanus." Nice work, Judd!
It is now increasingly obvious that the planting of invisible spyware codes in message board posts, which I described a few days ago, was carried out by Bagley. Blabbermouth that he is, Byrne did a nice job of confirming that Bagley's job is to run antisocialmedia: “Does Judd Bagley primarily work from facilities? STRANGE GUY, KEEPS HIS OWN HOURS, COMES IN SOME NIGHTS, STAYS AWAY FOR DAYS.”
In his Jan. 14 IV post, Byrne went out of his way to say that he has never even heard of Provo Labs! I'm convinced. Aren't you? Provo Labs has absolutely, positively nothing to do with Bagley's corporate-blessed critic-stalking, even though one of the spyware-infected message board postings linked directly to a Provo Labs blog.

Clearly, mud has been slung. But the best part of this mêlée to date has to be Bagley’s attempt to “blackmail” Weiss with “dirt” on his wife.

Last but not least, Bagley posted a message on my blog (not published, of course, but preserved for posterity), reciting lies that he was imminently posting about my wife and then saying: "I again invite you to open a dialog that will allow us to settle our differences. This is getting pretty silly, I trust you'll agree. Judd."
In other words, "shut the f--- up, Weiss, or we'll post more lies about you and we won't stop at you. We'll go after your family."

And you thought it was going to be a slow news day.
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