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Let the Eagle Soar...Into Our Servers

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Some of you have been wondering why we are posting at the speed of Windows Vista on a 2 year old computer this week. The answer – server and power issues. This will continue to sound conventional until we think of some ridiculously awesome reason like an eagle carrying a severed deer head attacked our servers. By the time I finish typing this, there will be metal bands fighting for that logo.
Let the eagle soar — but without the deer head – [MSNBC]
Speaking of Microsoft and how it is often maligned for blatant copying slight tweaking of competitor’s products, notice how MSNBC copied’s “Offbeat” category and called it “Peculiarity.” That is uncoachable. Or Zune-tastic.
Also – This is how people come out of the closet in Ohio. Oh, what peculiarity!
So I’m sitting here with some posts ready to go, but unable to get them on the (temporarily unavailable) site, after combing the morning news. My mind starts to wander. Then the loneliness...the anomic solitude of the beached blogger. One click leads to another then all of a sudden I’m watching full episodes of “What About Brian” on the internet. “WHAT ABOUT BRIAN.” FULL EPISODES! Do you realize how murky the depths of one’s soul must become for procrastination to sink this low?
Update – the servers are back, after Elizabeth decapitated the eagle…by biting its head off. Elizabeth Spiers with a severed eagle head in her mouth with a severed deer head in its mouth. By the time I finish typing this, the metal bands previously fighting for the eagle/dear head logo will be fighting for this one. You also would think "death eagle" would lead to some freaking awesome images on Google image search, but you would be wrong, so I had to settle on the posted pic.