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Magic: The Gathering, of Bankers

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A series of recent experiments at Harvard and Princeton has demonstrated that magical reasoning can be evoked in adults, from voodoo doll induced migraines to the winner of the Super Bowl.
Since “magical thinking is most evident precisely when people feel most helpless,” young financial professionals are especially prone. I, for one, often believed that my tears, falling on the cold floor of a 19th floor bathroom stall at 277 Park Avenue, could cure sick puppies and minor skin ailments. "Surely those 110-hour weeks are worth the eradication of Sparky’s intestinal flukes and grandpa's eczema," I sobbed.
Another cool magic trick bankers go for is the one where you give up the majority of your 20s and acquire fabulous wealth, lavish accommodations and girls you couldn’t get in college, then retire at the end of the decade and do what you really want to do. Unfortunately, “reality is the most potent check on runaway magical thoughts.” Reality and phantom Blackberry induced night terrors.
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