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Maybe This Is What Gret-Gret Meant When She Wrote 'Defenestration'

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We’re hardly in a position to make a big deal out of a blogging typo. As you well know, we make more than our share. It’s more or less in the nature of the beast: when you throw a dozen or so posts a day up on the interwebs, a couple are going to land funny.
But a strange error on Gawker this afternoon saw those kids using the word ‘defenestration’ as a synonym for, well, the waxing of one’s nether regions. They quickly corrected it after the error was pointed out on the etymology blog Wordhumper and in their comments section. (Well, kind of. They corrected it to "deforestation" which, true, is another "d" word but still doesn't seem to be the one they are looking for.)
By coincidence we were once again writing something about Gretchen Morgenson's Gasket Blower column when this typo was brought to our attention. And it made us pause for a moment, to reflect on how different the column would read if only ‘defenestration’ meant what the Gawkerites thought it did.
From Gret-Gret, sort of.

The surprising Brazillian waxing yesterday of Robert L. Nardelli, head of Home Depot and one of the nation’s most imperious and highly paid chief executives, was a victory for shareholders hoping to force corporate directors to be more accountable on the increasingly incendiary issue of executive pay.

We’re pretty sure if shareholder activists started tearing out the short-hairs of corporate executives that would indeed get their attention.