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'Natural Selection Speed Date'

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Are you a rich man or, alternatively, a very attractive woman? Of course you are, you're reading this site. Silly question. But it's important that we nail down the facts; so, if for some reason you’re neither of those things, hit the bricks. Because New York Magazine and Janis Spindel would like to offer you a unique opportunity to find love (or a smokin’ hot lady/sugar daddy to have sex with in exchange for money).

Pocket Change is honoring the age old union of wealthy men and hot girls. Society has taught us to not publicly acknowledge the obvious - no longer dear friends. Women want money in a man, men want beauty in a woman – this is a factual force of nature. Women don’t ask “So, what does he do for a living?” because they’re interested in his personality and guys don’t ask “is she hot?” because they’re concerned with character. Guys know that money buys them the car, the house and the trophy wife. This genetic cleansing is how the wealthy stays beautiful.

Interested but not sure you’d make the cut? Are you straddling the line between “kind of rich” and “rich” or “kind of very attractive” and “very attractive”? Here’s Spindel and NYM’s list of requirements:

Solely based on wealth
Age 25 or below: $200K+
26-30: $300K+
30+: $500K+
Invested Assets: $1 million+
Trust: $4 million+
*Men will be asked to provide documented proof
Ticket price: $500

Solely based on beauty
5 pictures will be submitted to Pocket Change for judgment by celebrity Matchmaker Janis Spindel
Pictures are judged for beauty
No additional information will be accepted
Ticket Price $50

We haven't heard back from Janis's office yet but, in the meantime, perhaps some of you might be able to provide answers to the following (update: Janis answered our questions):
- Specifically what documentation should the men provide? Bank statements? Letters of employment? Deeds in their names for houses in the Hamptons? (Or is that last one too gauche?) (Janis: "documents").
-Are there specific stipulations for attractiveness, or is it just a gut feeling? (Janis: "I am an intense judge of women. They must: be well-groomed, in fantastic shape, have glowing skin, great teeth, great hair").
-Not that you couldn't be a wealthy man AND good looking know...we feel like you're running the risk of getting a lot of applications from some pretty frightening looking guys. We realize you said men are judged "solely based on wealth" but that could be quite dangerous, visually speaking. Is there a baseline level of attractiveness for the men? Or should we just close our eyes and hope things don't take very long? (Janis: Without a doubt I will not take ugly men).
"Natural Selection Speed Date" [Pocket Change and NYM]


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