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New Jersey to become one giant, slightly more tolerable smelling retirement home

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New Jersey continues to aggressively erect age-restricted housing in response to high relative property tax and education costs. NJ contains 1/5th of the country’s age-restricted housing, or “Vasectomy Housing,” which will no longer just refer to that ornately decorated cooler you keep your vas deferens in.
The cost of educating a child in New Jersey (over $12.5k per annum) is the highest in the nation, pushing property taxes (over $5k per annum) up to similarly high national levels. This might explain why those wife-beater laden thugs were “biting their thumb” at you in between pistol-whips on that pier in Belmar, and why the state government is conceding to AARP and older-resident demands.
Much like bears several years ago, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that age-restricted developments combined with aggressive tween hunting may solve overcrowding issues. While opponents of such measures argue that age-restricted zoning is not in the best long-term interests of the state, I’d rather have Manhattan smell like my grandmother’s couch than a dirty diaper mixed with Axe body spray the next time a pervasive NJ smell creeps northward.
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