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NYSE: Tokyo Drift

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The official alliance between the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) may be announced tomorrow on January 31. Then again, it may not. Who knows? Certainly not the Wall Street Journal. The alliance would coincide with NYSE’s recent global expansion that included last month’s acquisition of Euronext and buying a 20% stake in India’s National Stock Exchange.
Regarding the recent splurge of acquisitions, John Thain, CEO of NYSE Group, commented, “If You Ain't Outta Control (from the regulatory ambiguity caused by the increased globalization of markets), You Ain't In Control (of many of the world’s exchanges),” then rode off in a really tweaked out Eclipse.
NYSE Group (NYSE: NYX) is up slightly in today’s trading, at $100.18.
NYSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange Are 'Very Close' to an Alliance – [WSJ]


NYSE Euronext Deal Off

The Big Board will not, after all, be selling itself its tiny minority stake in an Indian commodities exchange. It seems, like the Euronext part of NYSE Euronext, nobody wanted it.

Meanwhile, Over At NYSE

But you Tom Farley, with the cone hats and the plastic kazoos? I want to party with you cowboy