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One Of These People Is Not Like The Other

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New York Magazine asked several "Notable New Yorkers," "What do you do for inner peace?" The following weighed in:
—Craig Finn, singer of the Hold Steady
—Mario Batali, chef
—Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef
—Isiah Thomas, Knicks coach
—Mason Rees, senior hedge-fund director, Bear Stearns
—Yoko Ono, artist
—Jonathan Groff, star of Spring Awakening
—Nora Ephron, writer
What, John Carney, journalist, wasn't available? (Oh...right). As someone (notable) noted, "Ah, New York mag. So taken by the phrase "hedge fund" that anyone involved in one (or in this case, the servicing of one) is 'notable'." (Not that this guy isn't in the same league as Yoko Ono or Isiah Thomas, but Nora Ephron? Seriously now, the woman wrote When Harry Met Sally for Christ's sake. When Harry Met Sally! Mario Batali we'll give you, sure, but not Nora Ephron. When Mason Rees fakes an orgasm for Billy Crystal, then we'll talk.)
What Do You Do for Inner Peace? [NYM]