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Playboy Chicks Crush Legg Mason

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We’re a few days late on this. And we totally apologize it took us so long to check-out the year-end standing in the Trading Markets/Playboy 2006 Stock Picking Contest. We were waiting for a slow news day, and, well, now we've got it.
The winner (pictured left) was Deanna Brooks, aka Miss May 1998. Brooks picked Yamana Gold, Hauppauge Digital, IBM, Petroleo Brasiliero and Pfizer. Her portfolio was up a whopping 43.43%. Most of her gains came from bets on oil and gold. Overall, however, the Playboy models underperformed the S&P, with a total return of just 8.56%. Still, that's still better than Legg Mason Value Fund's 6%.
Exactly half the participating women saw gains and half losses. The biggest loser was Amy McCarthy, sister of Jenny McCarthy, whose imaginary portfolio was down 36.95% for the year.
Final Standings: Playboy 2006 Stock Picking Contest []


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