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Questioning The Enron Case, Day 8

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It's been eight days (or so) since Malcolm Gladwell's article in the New Yorker got people talking about Enron again. Consider the Enron case officially re-opened. And by “officially” we mean "under debate on the interwebs." So it’s not legally re-opened but there is at least a chance that the public understanding of Enron might begin to change from one dominated by The Most Evil Guys In the Room image to something a bit more reality based.
Tom Kirkendall takes on Enron prosecutor John Hueston’s recent contentions to task today. It’s a long post that deserves to be read all the way through. But since you’re busy, here’s Kirkendall on the claim that Jeff Skilling manipulated Enron’s earnings.

Moving on to Hueston's other allegation against Skilling, the evidence that Skilling engaged in earnings manipulation is so sketchy (see more extensive discussion in the earlier comprehensive post) that Hueston resorts to attempting to tie Skilling to the alleged Global Galactic agreement between Fastow and Causey. Revealingly, only the non-believable Fastow testified during the trial that Skilling knew about Global Galactic and, even after Causey copped a courthouse steps plea deal to hedge the risk of the effective life sentence that Skilling received, the Task Force chose not to call Causey as a witness. More than likely, the reason that the Task Force did not call Causey is that Causey wouldn't have corroborated Fastow at all, which raises a quite reasonable question -- why did the Task Force prosecutors used Fastow's testimony to convict Skilling when they knew that there was reasonable doubt about Fastow's veracity? Indeed, what does Hueston have to say about the Task Force's duplicity with regard to Fastow's testimony during the Lay-Skilling trial? And again, what does Hueston have to say about the numerous witnesses who the Task Force effectively prevented from testifying who would have provided exculpatory testimony for Skilling and refuted Fastow's testimony?

Your move Hueston.
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