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Senator Biden’s Son Is Sued (G.O.P.’s Hands Are Dirty)

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The son of Senator Joe Biden (who is quite charming, a great story-teller and has the perfect hair for a white house)*, R. Hunter Biden, a Washington lobbyist, is being sued by Anthony Lolito Jr. Lolito claims Biden (and his partner-uncle James) kept him out of the purchase of a hedge fund investment firm in 2006. The firm is Paradigm Cos., based in New York. Lolito maintains that the Bidens lied to him about an offer so that they could negotiate a better deal alone.
Earlier this month, the junior Biden resigned from “daily oversight” of Paradigm Global Advisors LLC, a division of Paradigm Cos. that manages hedge fund investments; he remains a lobbyist for the firm.
*Update(And yes, “JB + BL” is written inside a pink heart on the front of my Trapper Keeper. We all have our demons). Just read the Observer piece. So, that's interesting. I have decided, after not so careful consideration, to withdraw my endorsement of Sen. Biden in favor of the wildly succeful and not at all nebbishy (though oft erroneously pegged as such) NJ Gov. Jon S. Corzine. Thank you and good night.

Biden, Senator's Son, Is Sued Over Purchase of Hedge-Fund Firm



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