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Sharing is Caring

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Since going from a rather dingy Ivy League dorm room to a conservative net worth of over $300mm (on paper), the plan to go all Zuckerberg with social networking in a tidy 18 month timeframe is a compelling startup play, for both sexually deprived collegians and large corporations alike. Find a relative quirk or component that needs to be shared (photo – Flick’r, or video – YouTube) and similar results can be achieved. Who knows when the first aggregators will come out, or the first site that puts all your social networking profiles under one, now stylized (like Citi) umbrella cool looking arc?
The next entry into the Internet Bubble 2.0, aka – the social networking/online media platform/video sharing/viscera exchanging bubble is Joost. The Skype guys, aka – the Kazaa guys, aka – the Legion of Doom (why are these things always founded by two dudes?) unveiled the free global broadband TV service today, for service testing. Currently the model has allowed for social networking sites to integrate technological quirks like video sharing and photo tagging into their platform, still allowing for sub-layers of more minor social networking functionality within the technology based sites, but who knows if something as broadly appealing as television can turn today’s MySpace into tomorrow’s Friendster.
Regarding other social networking buzz, there has been little to no news concerning Microsoft and Bay Partners’ Wallop site – which is still in trial mode and not open to the public. If it is to MySpace/Facebook what the Zune is to the iPod, then maybe the status quo is safe for now.