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Something to substitute supplement your DealBreaker reading

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Because the world needs another financial website, Yahoo! introduced its “Personal Finance” site today. The site is fairly standard but trying way too hard, to the point where if all the financial sites were sitting in a room, Yahoo! Personal Finance would be sitting with its chair turned backwards. The best part of the site by far is entitled “Top 5 Questions & Answers,” where users ask silly questions and get sillier answers. Here, I do Yahoo! Personal Finance a favor and answer the site’s current Top 5 questions.
Q: If I have perfect credit & my mate has poor credit, and we get married, will my score automatically go down?
A: No. Although you will not be scoring any more, your current score stays fixed pending on whether you stay true to your vows. But your mate? Are you British or retarded (or a leopard seal)?
Q: What's the best answer in a job interview when they ask "What is your greatest weakness"?
A: Math, crippling laziness, rabies, in that order.
Q: How does an insurance company decide if they are going to total out a car?
A: The Oracle at Delphi, Automotive Corp
Q: Public school vs. Private school vs. Home school?
A: Date rape vs. sodomy vs. necrophilia
Q: What is the best way to buy a foreclosed house? Is there any secret to it?
A: Using the collective force of hyper-intelligent rats. Yes, of NIMH.
Yahoo Adds Personal Finance – [Red Herring]
Yahoo Personal Finance


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