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Spies Like Us

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We missed you Patti. Plea bargains were offered to Patti Dunn (or apparently just Patricia, after her litigation makeover) and four others by the CA attorney general’s office. All Patti has to do is admit to some minor (misdemeanor) things, like blowing up the HP board room by spying on its members.
The CA attorney general’s office is not stopping there. Other pleas to Patti included in the agreement:
Please cut your bangs
Please stop freaking out every time someone says they’re going to take a leak
Please switch to Canon printers
Please get the man with a boom mic, large antennae and headphones out of the bush in my front yard
Please have the heart-shaped tattoo of “HP + PD 4-eva” on your lower back removed
Please take off that rubber glove, that’s not what “tap that ass” means
Dunn and Others Offered Pleas in Hewlett-Packard Case – [DealBook]