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Steve Jobs's Catch-22

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There’s admittedly been a lot of backdating talk around these parts of late (and mostly of the will they/won’t they Steve Jobs sort). Backdating this. Backdating that. Carney, Larry Ribstein, and Holman Jenkins (of the eponymous “Backdating Dissident Crew”) think Jobs has done nothing wrong. Everyone besides Carney, Ribstein, and Jenkins wants Jobs to fry. Jobs considers any attempt to take him down (and, perhaps more importantly, John Hodgman) an act of war. And so on and so forth. We were going to issue a fatwa on writing anything else about the aforementioned but that went to hell when we realized this damn thing just won’t die. But just so you know, we do feel bad about forcing you to ride what we regard as a dead horse with us. Anyway, today Fortune’s Roger Parloff writes about former Apple chief financial officer Fred D. Anderson and former general counsel and corporate secretary Nancy R. Heinen, (who was also Jobs' general counsel at Next). Mere clogs in the machine right? Wrong, apparently. Anderson and Heinen are the two former officers that the results of Apple’s own internal investigation flagged as having “serious concerns regarding [their] actions.” More importantly, they may be evidence of Jobs’s wrongdoing.

Though most investors dearly hope the company's conclusion [of “no misconduct by current management”] holds up, many can't quite suspend disbelief. "The idea that Nancy or Fred would've acted independently of the biggest control freak in the entire tech industry is laugh-out-loud funny," says one big Silicon Valley player.

Lawyers for Heinen and Anderson have issued statements "vigorously denying” any illegal behavior, and Mark Pomerantz has been hired by Jobs, though neither he nor Apple would confirm this. This “they couldn’t have acted without Jobs" theory may actually be kind of a tough one for the big guy to sort out, in regards to which story he should go with. Either Jobs acted with Heinen and Anderson, and, therefore, did something kind of illegalish, or they did it all by themselves, WITHOUT The Most Powerful And Influential Man On Earth (because of him you can watch “The Office” on your phone for god’s sake!), and he’s actually just a big puss.
Apple's Jobs could face uphill court battle [Fortune]