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The encounter could create a time paradox, the results of which could start a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe! Granted, that's a worse case scenario.

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Tonight at midnight, Microsoft will roll out the hotly anticipated version of its old-timey Windows operating system, the majestically-named Vista, which will make the PC “the place where it all comes together for multimedia applications such as photos, music and videos.” The Big V—which Microsoft poured $6 billion in to develop—is the first update of Windows since 2001, when XP was released. To coincide with big day (night, whatever), Gates and wife Melinda will jump out of an airplane naked. Joking about that last part but thanks for the indulgence. Anywho, what’s actually going to happen approximately 7 hours prior to the release will be Gates’s appearance on The Daily Show (or, 1 hour prior, wink, wink, if we’re going to play that game wherein we pretend we don’t know how previously taped shows work). Usually this would be the time for us to wax poetic on our love for the vertically challenged but oh so irresistible and Jewish-parent friendly host of the show, but tonight is not about Jon Stewart. No, tonight represents So. Much. More. We’re pretty sure you get what we’re hinting at, but for the people in the cheap seats, we’ll spell it out: tonight, PC (Gates) will come face to face with…PC. (Meaning TDS resident expert and “PC,” John Hodgman). Obviously this is HUGE, the consequences of which could be disastrous. But we’re thinking less along the lines of the destruction of the galaxy and more like—is this (the rolling out of Vista/the MONUMENTAL meeting of PC and PC) just a big diversion that Gates created to cover up his own (backdating?) scandal, a la Mr. Jobs’s “quick, everyone look at this awesome cell phone that let’s you watch The Office whenever you want and don’t pay attention to my tinkering of stock options, etc, etc”? We’ll soon find out.
On a less cataclysmic note, in an interview for CNN’s American Morning , Gates was visibly ticked off at the suggestion that the Vista has similarities to OS X, as demonstrated in his repetition of the word “No”: “No, no, no. There are whole areas where we've innovated," Gates said during the interview. Also, and this is not meant to get Billy-boy any more riled up than he already is, but there are some experts out there—obviously morons who have no idea what they’re talking about—that say consumers needn’t upgrade from XP if they’re not buying a new computer in the next several years. Shooting of the messenger not necessary.
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