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The Newspaper of Tomorrow: Shorter, Less Facty and Free

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You can check out the redesigned Wall Street Journal today. It's smaller, less focused on Things That Happened and more on The Meaning of Those Thing. And, apparently, it's free.

Almost half a million print copies will be available free at newsstands across the country. The Wall Street Journal Online, the subscription news site, is also free.
"The Wall Street Journal is an icon and our audience trusts us to deliver quality, value and outstanding reporting," said L. Gordon Crovitz, executive vice president of Dow Jones & Company and publisher of The Wall Street Journal, in a statement.
"We want readers and potential readers to sample our high-quality journalism firsthand and experience the increased focus on interpretation, insight and ideas as well as new content features, innovative newspaper navigation, and better print-online alignment. The new design makes it easier for readers to get more information in less time."

Redesigned 'WSJ' Offers Free Copies, Web Access, Today
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