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The Poetry of Dan Loeb

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Self-styled “Greensboro Billionaire” Percy Walker hasn't quite got his hands on the latest issue of Men's Vogue— he’s too embarrassed to buy a women’s magazine—but the mere fact of the appearance of a story about Third Point founder Dan Loeb has inspired his fevered imaginations to dream up IM conversation’s with the famous fund manager, and to cite several examples of Loeb’s shareholder letter poetry. This one would be absolute perfection if it was just a bit tighter, and perhaps in haiku form:
There is little I enjoy as much
as watching you from afar
as your reputation and
'organization' declines
as the same rate
as your falling returns.
Also, we’re not too embarrassed to buy a women’s magazine. Coming soon: Bess Levin reads Men’s Vogue’s Dan Loeb article!
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