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U.S. Economy – Schwing! Boeing!

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The first of the U.S. Commerce Department reports is out this morning; showing 2006 GDP growth in Q4 of 3.5%, up from 2% in Q3 and 3.2% in Q4 of 2005. This surpassed the consensus of economic experts by half a per cent. The other major highlight from the report is a dip in inflation (or at least a tempering of the inflation surges in Q2 and Q3), aided by a 0.8% fall in the government’s price index for personal expenditures.
Boeing, up almost 5% after morning trading, doubled Q4 net income and experienced 26% revenue growth in response to the robust blowing the crap out of things aviation market.
U.S. Economy Grows 3.5%; Inflation Gauge Falls Sharply – [WSJ]
Boeing's Net More Than Doubles On Surge in Jetliner Orders – [WSJ]



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