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Wall Street Journal Gets Online Video

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We've been spending a good amount of time trying to decide what we think about the newly smaller and less-facty Wall Street Journal and its revamped website. (Both are kind of growing on us.) But it was only because we were tipped off to it by Barry Ritholz that we noticed the huge new video section. The videos are great, well-organized and easy to use. Even better, they are embeddable. (Although the "get code" button name should be changed to something like "grab this" or "blog this.")
We gave the folks at CNBC a hard time for not making their videos embeddable. Currently they're all stuck there on CNBC's site, which means that they aren't easily blogged about and don't really become part of the online conversation. Maybe the example of the Journal's new site will inspire the boys and girls at CNBC to set their videos free.